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New Leadership Delivering Results

YG Nyghtstorm is a man on a mission. Known as the bodyguard of Georgia, This 6'1 280 pound patriot is blazing a trail across the country uniting Americans with his story of rising from homelessness in Atlanta and on food stamps to becoming a successful corporate executive through the grace of God, hard work, and the love from fellow Americans.


His message that the American dream is for everyone is working. YG confidently inspires more voters to create a better America and turn against the toxic culture caused by the lies of "Progressivism-Socialism-Marxism" which are now loudly promoted by the Democrat Party and heavily used for the destruction of nuclear families.

YG is the former Director of the Defense of American Principles for the American Principles Project (APP) and National Spokesman for the God, Guns, & Life PAC challenging more American voters to boldly support God, family, and the dignity of all human life in the voting booth. YG confidently defends America's Judeo-Christian foundation in which God our Creator is recognized and that all lives have intrinsic worth. Igniting a renewed passion for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, YG is a "bridge builder" who increases support for conservative candidates and policies.


YG has over twenty-five years of private security experience protecting celebrities, athletes, and corporate VIP’s for travel and appearances. Using his leadership skills, YG led a team of 100 employees to customize effective security plans to enhance security service for commercial real estate valued at over $1 billion.   

YG has served as a political consultant to several candidates and been a guest speaker at Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition Dinner. As a 4th degree Knight of Columbus, he is unapologetic in his stance for Truth, and as author of three books, YG is motivating men, women, and children to live out the American dream. YG is now running for US Congress in GA and is ready to lead. PREPARE YOURSELF BECAUSE THE NYGHTSTORM IS COMING!


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