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STOP listening to what politicians are saying and LOOK at what YG is DOING

Economy, Jobs and Taxes

70% of Americans feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction through massive economic destruction from shutdowns and other disastrous progressive policies. With rapid declines in household incomes; higher taxes inflation, and prices at gas stations and grocery stores, Americans have had ENOUGH.  I am fighting to return our nation to record-high employment, a massive economy for investment, and lower taxes so we keep MORE of our hard-earned dollars.

 Election Integrity

People must know that their vote and voice cannot be silenced. Return to paper ballots, conduct audit on 2020 election, launch full FBI investigation and prosecute wrongdoers regardless of political affiliation. I am PROUD to partner with Garland Favorito of VOTERGA.ORG to bring integrity back to our elections. I am the only candidate to turn in evidence of fraud to the FBI. 

School and Parental Choice

Georgia has some of the highest performing schools in the nation, but they are being hijacked and I believe parents should have a say in how their children are educated. Progressive education has no place in our society. I want to ensure parents will have the ability to send their children to schools that are teaching math, science, history and English and not progressive ideology. I am fighting hard to give parents back their POWER.

Anti Mandate

The government or corporations should NOT have the power to force Americans to be vaccinated. Only YOU should decide YOUR health choices. OPTIONS OVER MANDATES.  I will fight hard for my constituents against government overreach. I believe in individual choice.

Immigration and Border Security

With sex trafficking by cartels, international terrorist smuggling in drugs, and nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants crossing our border per month, our nation is at risk. I support completion of The Wall, and ENFORCING the laws on the books. I also SUPPORT our brave border agents and say NO to the Biden plan of Reparations to Illegals in the sum of 450K per person. Support LEGAL IMMIGRATION is key.

Defender Of Life

Abortion is the single biggest killer of black people. Over 20 million black babies have been aborted since 1973 equaling half of the black population alive in America today. Over 60 million babies have been lost nationwide. The Howard and Hank bill (named after YG's twins aborted in 1999) will empower dads to save their preborn children from abortion. The bill also connects moms in dire straits with resources during pregnancy and teaches successful co-parenting skills creating better environments for children.


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