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  • Yahanseh George


I don't come from money and like most of you; inflation, high gas prices and this terrible economy has affected me. I'm a blue collar dad of 7 children trying to make a difference and follow the Lord on this political path. I'm playing a dangerous game designed for millionaires who lie, cheat, steal, plant agents, smear my name, stab me in the back and try EVERYTHING to destroy my character. But this is nothing new and far from the worst things I’ve ever faced in life. In 1985, I was sexually assualted at 11 years old. In 1992, I was homeless, beaten, robbed and literally urinated on at 18. In 1999, my twins Howard and Hank were aborted by an ex-girlfriend and in 2008, my eldest son was killed on his job. We all have our personal tragedies, but through the Grace of God we are still here. Politics is DIRTY. Some have offered money to bribe me but I said NO. Others threatened my life to dissuade me and get me to drop out of the race, but I said NO. I will NOT stop until my mission is done. God has called me to do this. It's hard. It's scary. But that's THE WORK. Even if I lose my life, I will STAND FOR THE PEOPLE. This campaign is costing me everything. Every penny that I have and every ounce of FAITH is utilized daily in this war. But the struggle is worth it when I hear... "KEEP GOING YG. DON'T GIVE UP. TRUST GOD!” Keep praying for me as I knock on doors and continue to visit schools, churches, homeless shelters, community centers, businesses to hear your concerns and your homes to break bread with you. It was the community that brought me from homelessness in 1992 to running for US Congress in 2022. YOU BUILT ME AND THAT’S WHY I FIGHT SO HARD FOR YOU. I will continue to fight for all the people who are so sick of these typical politicians (on BOTH sides) who are consumed with greed that have destroyed people's lives all for the sake of money, power and status. I AM NOT AFRAID OF THEM and you shouldn't be either. Their time is running out. THANK YOU to all of my supporters. The game is on and WE ARE POWERFUL TOGETHER. I love you and I'm working hard to earn your vote. God bless you, God bless America and LET'S GO GET'EM!!! (YG) Yahanseh George Nyghtstorm - The BODYGUARD of GA

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